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Logos and Trademarks

All KSG Tempered Glass, Tempered Heat Soak Glass, Tempered Refshine Glass and Laminated Glass have the logos and trademarks etched onto them respectively as indicated below in our measure to provide the best quality assurance for our customers.
To further enhance our quality assurance to our customers, we are pursuing in obtaining several certifications from SIRIM, both for our tempered (Tempered-Certified to AS/NZS 2208-1996) and reflective glass (Solar Reflective Glass Certified to JIS R 3221-1990) and certification which is approved by Global Certification Malaysia (ISO 9001-2000).

In the year 2006, our related company Kien Yik Glass Sdn Bhd attained Business of the Year Award under "Promising Company Category" and Golden Bull Award "Malaysia 100 outstanding SMEs".


Capacity For Good Quality Coated Glass

The Malaysian company Kien Safety Glass (KSG) sdn bhd specializes in supplying tempered clear and solar control (reflective) glass for the commercial building sector in Malaysia. This active company, which started its operations in 2002, chose the new Tamglass ProE™ based on the future outlook of the South East Asian safety glass market.

"Design and transparency are increasingly emphasized in commercial buildings, and this will have a direct impact on the manufacturing technology," says Mr. Wong, in charge of marketing and sales at Kien Safety Glass.

Cityscape built on quality
Commercial buildings, such as banks, hotels and offices are usually located in the prime spots of the major cities and population centres, being an essential part of the cityscape. This leaves no room for compromise, especially when it comes to quality issues. Mr. Wong is happy to mention that their customers are satisfied with the quality of the glass products their company supply.

Keeping cool in spite of the sun

Due to the weather conditions in Malaysia the use of solar control glass is a must. The reflective surface increases the comfort inside the buildings by reducing the amount of heat radiation through the glass.

At the development stage of the ProE™ the fact that alongside Low-E glass many glass processors also need to produce traditional glass in large and small sizes was taken into account. In order to achieve the required production flexibility Tamglass utilized its thorough knowhow of temperature and convection profiled heating to create a machine that would be ideally suited for optimized glass production.

Looking for high volumes

According to Mr. Wong, the high productivity of the ProE™ is highly appreciated at Kien Safety Glass: "The demand for tempered solar control glass is increasing at a really fast pace, and customers are extremely quality conscious. With the ProE™ we are ready for requirements related to capacity and quality." He points out that these properties may be decisive in opening up new opportunities for the company in the South East Asian countries.

Reliable Technology
The value of easy, trouble-free operation has turned out to be valuable: "The reliability saves us from unpleasant surprises in the production, which is of utmost importance in the successful planning of operations and customers service."



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