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Tempered Glass Heat Strengthened Glass Heat Soak Glass
Laminated Glass Refshine (Reflective Glass) Double Glazing Units (DGU)
CVD Low-E        

Heat Soak Teat (HST) was introduced to check for the presence of Nickle Sulfide in the Tempered Glass. The glass with Nickle Sulfide will break in the Heat Soak Oven. Therefore, the chance of spontaneous breakage of the Tempered Glass after Heat Soak Test due to the pressure of Nickle Sulfide should be reduced to the minimum.


  • Frameless tempered glass doors
  • Curtain walls
  • Shop fronts
  • Windows
  • Showcase
  • Escalator side plates
  • Elevators panels
  • Balustrades
  "Butterfly" at the departure point of a break caused by Nickel Sulfide (Nis)  
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